Ike Raises $52 Million for Self-Driving Trucks

Ike Raises $52 Million for Self-Driving Trucks

Ike, which has been founded by the Former Apple, Google and Uber Advanced Technologies Group Engineers, and makes the self-drivig truck, announced today that it is up with $52 million in the series A financing round which is led by the Bain capital Ventures, and with the participation from the Redpoint ventures, Fontinalis partners, Basis Set Ventures as well as Neo. It’s big news for Mobile Application Development companies in Denver. As a part of the round, the Bain Capital Ventures Ajay Agarwal is now in the company’s board.

Ike, a self-driving truck startup founded by former Apple, Google, and Uber Advanced Technologies Group engineers, today announced that it has raised $52 million in a series A financing round led by Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from Redpoint Ventures, Fontinalis Partners, Basis Set Ventures, and Neo. As part of the round, Bain Capital Ventures’ Ajay Agarwal has joined the company’s board. Mobile Application Development Denver companies are up with something awesome and similar decision soon.

Ike’s naenhower and the interstate system, he helped create with the passage of the federal Aid highway act- isn’t the only noteworthy thing about the company. Rather than developing the driverless solution in-house, it is licensing autonomous delivery company localization, perception, prediction as well as planning software. Nuro has a small stake in the Ike. And the Ike’s non participation from making the bold pronouncement about the services-while they plan to test the self-driving trucks as well as public California roads the current year they will have a human safety drivers at the back of the wheel, and they will not be operating autonomously from anywhere but on the artery. Mobile Application Development Companies in Denver CO will as well try to be up with autonomous self-driving vehicles projects.

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