Facebook Removing 22 More Pages ON Infowars Founder Alex

Facebook Removing 22 More Pages ON Infowars Founder Alex

Facebook has not finished yet against Alex Jones. It’s big news for Mobile Application Development Companies in Denver.

They removed around 22 pages, which they say were on Alex Jones, whom we know as the one who is honest founder of the conspiracy theory website Infowars. Mobile application development Denver must be seeing this as big news.

You should remember that Facebbook way back in August enforced community standards

Facebook isn’t done with Alex Jones just yet.

Facebook has removed 22 Pages that the company says are connected to Alex Jones, the outspoken founder of the conspiracy-theory website Infowars.

Facebook banned 4 pages that were run by Jones and Infowars, and other big companies like Twitter and Spotify did the same. Now Facebook is saying that it’s going to remove more accounts as their policy has changed, as they announced in January. Mobile application development companies in Denver CO since then must be eying on this.


The policy they are hinting to is the recidivism policy, that bans the users that users who are removed from the Facebook, and that for making pages or new account or pages that are similar in name or the appearance to the pages, which was removed. In new words, at the time when Jones pages were removed, he was not allowed to create the new pages with his name, and start again.

And till January, the policy applied to the newly created accounts only, as said by Facebook. This means that while Jones cannot create a new page that looked similar to the one that were suspended, but he could have still used the existing Pages, which looked similar to the one that Facebook has suspended.

Now the Facebook says it is going to close that loophole, as well as removing the 22 of the Jones related pages in the process.

They have said that they have updated this policy since they saw the people figuring out their previous recidivism policy through existing Pages, which they have already managed for the purpose similar to what has been removed for violating the community standards, This was being said by the spokesperson of Facebook via the email.

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