Techniques in App Store Optimization

Techniques in App Store Optimization


App Store Optimization

The app market is one of the biggest marketplaces with the toughest competition now a day. Approximately, there are over 2.2 million iOS apps in the Apple Store and over 2.7 million android apps in Google Play. This massive growth of this market took place due to the expansion of technology.

App store optimization refers to the process of making the apps more visible to potential customers for downloads. So it is required to optimize your app properly so that it can suit the market.

How to make an app more visible?

If you own an app, you can make it more visible in several ways.

● Keywords: It is important to focus on the app’s keywords strategy which contributes to improve its visibility. Using proper keywords would bring your app in search engine result and bring more downloads.

● Proper categorizing: In addition to using the right keywords, it is required to choose the category where you put your app. You need to think where your app would fit and attract more customers for relevant search.  

● Leveraging of user reviews: Some good user reviews will give your app an upper hand over your competitors.

● Description: A proper description is necessary for your app as it will tell the potential users what your app is about. A good description would definitely make the users choose your app.

● Consider your competitors: You should keep an eye on the activities of your competitors. Continuous monitoring on how they rank their apps, which keywords they are using and what marketing tricks they are doing will certainly help you to decide what to do next for your app.

Finally, always monitor the trend of the market. If you do not know what is going on there and the opinion of the people, you will never succeed in this industry. Remember, trend is your friend. So consider the trend and optimize your strategy accordingly to optimize your app. Make it more visible to people and you are gonna get more downloads and obviously more money!


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