Serverless From Amazon- A Must for Mobile Application Development Companies in Denver

Serverless From Amazon- A Must for Mobile Application Development Companies in Denver

What is serverless?

Serverless is a new concept, and the native architecture of the cloud, which enables to transfer all the operational responsibilities to the AWS.  That results into increase in innovation and agility. Mobile Application Development Companies in Denver need to know if they not, that Serverless can help them to build as well as run the applications, and the services, without even having the servers in mind. You will be in the process eliminating the infrastructure management related tasks like cluster or server provisioning, maintenance of the operating system, provisioning of the capacity as well as patching. It’s now possible to build almost any type of applications as well as backend services, as well as all that are required for running and scaling the application with very high availability, and all this will be monitored by you.

Why We Should Opt For Serverless?

Serverless enables to develop modern apps with increased agility as well as low cost of proprietorship. When you are building the serverless apps it means your developers can then focus on the core product rather than thinking about managing as well as operating servers or runtimes, in the cloud or on-premises. There is hence reduced headache and hence developer will be able to reclaim time as well as energy, which can then be spent for developing the great products that scales, and are reliable. Mobile Application Development Denver companies, who do not know should look at serverless technology definitely.

What are the Advantages of Serverless?

The four main benefits of the Serverless are:

  • You need not have to manage the servers.
  • Scaling is flexible
  • You pay for value
  • Also you can ensure high availability and that too automatically.


You need to pay for the Execution Duration or the throughout, and not for the server units. There is no software, or runtime for installing, maintaining, and administering. You are also up with fault tolerance and built in availability. Also, you are not required to architect these capabilities. The services running the application provide them by default. It’s a great tool technology for Mobile Application Development Companies in Denver CO hence.



Pay for value


There is no need to provision or maintain any servers. There is no software or runtime to install, maintain, or administer. 

Your application can be scaled automatically or by adjusting its capacity through toggling the units of consumption (e.g. throughput, memory) rather than units of individual servers.

Pay for consistent throughput or execution duration rather than by server unit.

Serverless provides built-in availability and fault tolerance. You don't need to architect for these capabilities since the services running the application provide them by default.

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