Airbnb Plus Is for People Who Hate Airbnb

Airbnb Plus Is for People Who Hate Airbnb


With "Plus," the company will give its stamp of approval to inspected, higher-quality listings.

It’s only been ten years since Airbnb entered our world, and damn, has it done some damage. The vacation rental company that became its own verb celebrates its birthday in a big way this week, in the place where it all started. Today, in San Francisco (at a historic Masonic temple-turned-concert venue), CEO Brian Chesky announced Airbnb’s next iteration: Plus.

Developed for those who would actually prefer to stay in a hotel—travelers who want a guarantee that they'll get a high-quality stay out of the four million places to choose from in nearly 200 countries—Airbnb Plus will allow homes, apartments, and rooms that pass a thorough a 100-point inspection. That means everything from matching, comfy linens to working Wi-Fi to hotel-style toiletries will be up to snuff in select Airbnbs. The verified homes will also show up first in search as company-approved places to stay. "We have 4.5 million places to stay on Airbnb and I do believe the perfect place to stay is available for every guest. [Up until now,] it's just been really hard to find," Chesky said.

If Plus isn't enough for your tastes, Chesky also is set to announce 'Beyond by Airbnb,' a luxury home option possible thanks to the company's purchase of high-end rental start-up Luxury Retreats last year.

The company has come a long way since October 2007. Here, we look back at some of the biggest changes and just how it evolved to Plus.

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