Google Flutter with AWS Lambda to build a serverless mobile app for movie listings

Google Flutter with AWS Lambda to build a serverless mobile app for movie listings

Develop a mobile app with Google’s open-source UI framework

Google recently announced the beta release of Flutter at Mobile World Congress 2018. Flutter is new open-source mobile UI framework that’s used to build native apps for both iOS and Android.

Flutter uses Dart to write applications, so the syntax should look very familiar if you already know Java, JavaScript, C#, or Swift. The code is compiled using the standard Android and iOS toolchains for the specific mobile platform — hence, much better performance and startup times.

Flutter has a lot of benefits for developers:

  • The project is open-source
  • Hot reloads for quicker development cycle
  • Native ARM code runtime
  • Rich widget set & growing community of plugins backed by Google
  • Excellent editor integration with Android Studio & Visual Studio Code
  • Single codebase for iOS and Android with full native performance that does not use JavaScript as a bridge or WebViews
  • Reusable components similar to React Native
  • Dart feels like Java — making it easy for many developers to jump in
  • The toolkit use Widgets, so everything should seem very familiar for anyone coming from a web development background
  • This might end the Java holy wars between Google vs Oracle

Creating a application using Flutter was a great opportunity to get my hands dirty and evolve the Serverless Golang API demonstrated in my previous post — “Serverless Golang API with AWS Lambda”.
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