GitHub Actions: built by you, run by us

GitHub Actions: built by you, run by us

Yesterday at GitHub Universe, they announced GitHub Actions, a new way to automate and customize user's workflows. Configuring the apps and services that make up user development cycle takes significant time and effort. GitHub Actions applies open source principles to workflow automation, weaving together the tools user use from idea to production into one complete workflow. Users can also create, share, and discover any actions your projects require, just as they would create, share, and discover code on GitHub.

As Github prepared for Universe, they shared GitHub Actions with a group of customers, integrators, and open source maintainers to see what they could do. In just a few short weeks, talented teams and individuals alike have created hundreds of GitHub Actions. During today’s Unive

Flic opens up endless opportunities to get creative and simplify your daily life by controlling devices, apps, and services with the press of a button. Combined with GitHub Actions, Flic becomes a powerful (and fun) tool to customize and automate user workflow beyond command lines and keyboards. Use Flic to trigger specific actions or tasks within a GitHub repository—and turn user development workflow tactile.rse keynote, Github heard directly from developers, and they’re excited to share their work with the users. See more...

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