Oculus’ Quest is the headset that will make me (and you) a VR believer

Oculus’ Quest is the headset that will make me (and you) a VR believer

When I think of VR virtual reality, the word ‘gimmick’ hovers in my mind. Yes, I’m aware of all the wonderful things it can do, and is aiming to do. Yet VR remains — especially in gaming — a big investment. And no one wants to invest in tech that feels half-baked.

I’d love to experience stunning open world role-playing games and adrenaline-fueled action games in a way that makes me feel I’m really there. That’s the romanticized version of VR development software gaming that many headsets are trying to sell. In truth, the technology isn’t quite there, and most of the experiences I’ve tried so far have a shelf life of 30 minutes. They’re fun at first, but become annoying (or even nauseating) after an hour in the headset.

That could change with the Oculus Quest. After demoing the Oculus Quest at CES 2019, I suddenly found myself more comfortable with the idea of picking up a VR headset. Portable, user-friendly, and more affordable than its technologically advanced older brother, the Oculus Quest has hardware that’s just good enough. It could be the mid-range headset that fully converts me to a virtual reality software programs fanatic.

The Quest is a true all-in-one headset. There’s no high-end gaming PC, no heavy, tangled wires or tedious external sensors, and you don’t need to convert your basement into a VR den. Finally, I put on a VR headset that didn’t make me feel like the Predator. That might sound cool — and it is at first — but once the novelty wears off it becomes repetitive, claustrophobic, and a little sweaty. Read more 

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