Nine Cities Earn $1 Million Via Bloomberg Philanthropies’ U.S. Mayors Challenge

Nine Cities Earn $1 Million Via Bloomberg Philanthropies’ U.S. Mayors Challenge

Nine cities have won the Bloomberg Philanthropies U.S. Mayors Challenge, which comes with $1 million for each jurisdiction to put toward implementing solutions to civic issues they face.

The awards come after a year-long competition, during which city leaders proposed, tested and developed projects capable of solving local problems — projects that also have the potential to be scaled for national use. The $1 million is specifically intended to be used to begin implementation of the winning projects, which address a pretty wide range of challenges, including homelessness, climate change, the opioid crisis and more.

The winning jurisdictions are as follows: Denver; Durham, N.C.; Fort Collins, Colo.; Georgetown, Texas; Huntington, W.V.; Los Angeles; New Rochelle, N.Y.; Philadelphia; and South Bend, Ind.

The projects are notably diverse, with no two winners so much as sharing the same general subject matter. Denver is putting in air pollution sensors around schools. Durham is incentivizing alternate transportation behaviors for single-car commuters. Georgetown is partnering with residents to boost use of solar energy. Los Angeles is incentivizing the addition of new housing units on existing properties for the homeless. New Rochelle is developing its downtown with virtual reality tech. Philadelphia is creating new trauma facilities for children. And South Bend is helping low-income and part-time workers get to their jobs by matching up rideshare providers with employers. See more...

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