IoT security warning: Your hacked devices are being used for cyber crime says FBI

IoT security warning: Your hacked devices are being used for cyber crime says FBI

Vulnerable devices like routers and webcams are providing an easy means of cyber criminals conducting attacks - and staying anonymous while doing it.

Internet of things devices including routers, IP cameras and even smart locks and connected doors are being targeted by cyber criminals who are looking to exploit them as a gateway for hacking and other cyber attacks, the FBI has warned.

An alert from the FBI details the dangers of unsecured smart devices and how they can be abused by attackers, particularly when it comes to accessing them as part of criminal campaigns and a means of remaining anonymous while doing so.

The latter is particularly useful for foreign hackers, who can use the hijacked devices to hide where they're really attacking from - or that the attack is happening at all.

"Devices in developed nations are particularly attractive targets because they allow access to many business websites that block traffic from suspicious or foreign IP addresses. Cyber actors use the compromised device's IP address to engage in intrusion activities, making it difficult to filter regular traffic from malicious traffic," said the alert.

IoT devices make easy targets for attackers because many are still shipped with poor security, often enabling attackers to gain access with the use of default username and passwords, or by using brute force attacks to guess passwords - and that's if the devices even have authentication processes in the first place.

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