Google Home partners with KB Homes to make houses smarter

Google Home partners with KB Homes to make houses smarter

KB Home operates under the belief that smart home technology is the way of the future, but the way most people integrate it into their home tends to be a bit haphazard. The average person’s first foray into the field of smart home tech is with a single device: maybe smart lights or a smart A.I. assistant. The rest of the technology in the home builds from there, but not all devices are compatible with one another. Some devices require complicated workarounds in order to communicate back and forth.

KB Home wants to make smart home design easier by providing a system that works seamlessly with all of the devices in your home. Select communities in Jacksonville, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Denver, Colorado, and Los Angeles will come with a curated set of smart home devices that work together right out of the box and provide homeowners with a solid base of smart home technology and functionality to build from.

These devices might be a homeowner’s first exposure to smart home technology, so KB has curated the devices to be as simple as possible, to allow homeowners to ease their way into this new field. The devices built into the home include Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Wi-Fi, and a Nest Hello video doorbell.

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