EU backs WiFi over 5G for connected cars

EU backs WiFi over 5G for connected cars

The European Commission has sided with Volkswagen and its plans for a WiFi-based standard for internet connected cars dealing a serious blow to BMW, Qualcomm  and others endorsing Wi-Fi over 5G.

The EU executive is currently trying to set benchmarks for internet connect cars and the issue has split the auto and tech industries with both sides lobbying fiercely for Wi-Fi or 5G.

Renault, Toyota, NXP, Autotalks and Kapsch TrafficCom all support Wi-Fi as the standard for connected cars while Daimler, Ford, PSA Group, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung have all backed 5G.

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5G presents a wider range of applications in entertainment, traffic data and general navigation since the standard hooks up to both cars and devices in the surrounding environment but the Commission has defended its stance on Wi-Fi since, unlike 5G, the technology is already available and would help boost road safety. Read more

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