How to Make a Good First Time Impression for Your Apps

How to Make a Good First Time Impression for Your Apps

App store optimization refers to the process of making your app more visible to people.

But what will make the new users download your app? Is it just bringing the app in front of the users? Definitely this is an important thing but not the only one which will make them download it. Also this is not the first thing the users notice.

The quality of the codes? No. Majority of the users do not care about the codes.

So what is the fact that impresses a user?

The first thing a user notices is the design of the app. To be specific - the icon. The icon of the app makes the first impression of the users on an app. A bad, non-attractive icon can bar the user from getting into the decision of downloading the app.

So what you need is to focus on the design of your icon. Here are some tips for you.

● Relevance: Make the icon relevant to its purpose. Despite the fact that the icon is only of a few pixels, it should be something eye-catching and purposive.

● Simplicity: Your icon must be simple. Keep in mind that, the icons are seen in smaller screens. So, complex design would make the icon non-understandable and won’t serve your purpose.

● Proper designing: You should design your app icon in a way that it can maintain its legibility and scalability when used in different devices.

● Uniqueness: People like unique things. So make your app icon different from others.

You should check on the work of your competitors regularly. It will boost up your thoughts and help to make your app’s icon better.

Again, the way the icon looks like would be a determining factor whether the user takes the decision of downloading the app or not. So make your icon unique, simple and attractive. Brand your own brand!

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