How the IoT is helping shrimp farmers get healthy bumper crops

How the IoT is helping shrimp farmers get healthy bumper crops

Azlogica is one of Colombia's leading users of the IoT, for many different apps. If you have a taste for shrimp, then Colombia could be the place for you: the county yields a large proportion of the world's supply.

But shrimp farming has its issues, the key ones being accurately monitoring yields and preventing theft. Bogota-based Azlogica is using the Internet of Things to help a host of Colombian companies work more efficiently and ZDNet talked to GM, Edgar Salas to find more.

ZDNet: Tell me bit about yourself and your company.

Salas: Azlogica is a mainly Latin American internet of things company, but while we are based in Latin America, that doesn't mean we can't work anywhere else. It is very easy to work widely overseas and we can manage the solutions in the cloud. So it's quite easy -- quite simple in fact -- on the core part of the architecture to run an IoT solution.

The rest is very simple. For example, it is easy to boot the devices, the gateways, the sensors in the field, and connect them to local or world networks, and to put them onto the software that the customer will finally use or view.

We integrate whatever is ready from the market to be integrated in terms of hardware, gateways, sensors, and so on. And we integrate parts of software APIs from other companies such as Tibco, Oracle, Analytic Systems etc. In our architecture, we reach for the best way to connect whatever the customer needs and show for them the data needed to make decisions.

What we are continuing to develop is the basement of a huge, holistic platform on which we can use whatever the customer needs. For example, two areas we are involved in -- GasNatural, which is well-known in Latin America, and Manuelita, which is an agricultural leader mainly focused on sugar cane and palm oil -- helped to fuel that growth.

his all means that we are growing quickly, and quickly means on average 55 percent every year. We are in almost every Latin American country and our customers are reporting, on average, 10 times return on investment and six months' payback.

What we aim to do is keep growing, and we believe that could be faster because we see the market is ready to get into the IoT. They see it as something new and topical but, more importantly, they see that many companies around the world are showing results from it.

For me, the results come from doing the hard work in the market to show what the results can be. And we can see that the return on investment is the main driver for using IoT.

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