How Apple Watch saved my life

How Apple Watch saved my life

I have always been a tolerant and loyal opposition user of Cupertino's products. Now I am committed to using them, forever.

You could say this has been a very interesting summer. And one I would not like to repeat. 

As many of you know, I have always had a very critical view of Apple as a company and the way their business operates -- one that has mellowed from outright distaste to acknowledgement of their usefulness in the last eight years or so, since I became a regular iPhone and iPad customer, and an occasional but reluctant Mac user.

I did not have the sense of feverish dedication many consumers have to their products. Sure, I used them, but in the sense that as someone who writes about these things, it was a matter of necessity to stay educated about all the mobile technology platforms.

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I flip between my iPhone and Androids pretty much seamlessly, and also my iPad Pro and my Microsoft Surfacepretty much the same way. These are tools, things I need to do my job.

I have never felt a sense of loyalty to the company, or appreciation in any sense. If anything, I was the loyal opposition. Back in January, I decided that I needed a smartwatch.

"Needed" is probably too strong a word, I just wanted to get in on the wearables thing. My friends all were using them and I was intrigued about what kinds of apps were available. So I bought a reconditioned 42mm Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 from the Apple Outlet.

I wasn't going to pay full price for a device that I considered experimental, accessorized tech that had a good chance of me just stuffing it in a drawer after it outlived its initial novelty.

For the first several months my feelings were just that. For my use case, this was an accessory that didn't provide a lot of value above iPhone notifications. Interesting, sometimes useful, but not a must-have. And it was annoying to have to take it off to charge it every other day.

I wasn't committed to it. I was also playing with the Samsung Gear and Android Wear as well. I felt they were about the same in levels of utility.

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