Google Assistant Skills Trail Alexa By 52K

Google Assistant Skills Trail Alexa By 52K

When it comes to the competition for developer mindshare in voice apps, Amazon is well ahead of Google.

Amazon recently declared that the quantity of obtainable voice skills for Alexa devices is currently over eighty,000, with 56,750 of these skills offered within the U.S. But new analysis from Voicebot reveals that Google is much behind with its own voice apps, known as Google Assistant Actions, which come to 4,253 in the U.S. as of January 2019. That’s concerning seven.5 % of the whole Alexa skills for identical user base.

There is some positive news for Google: Its Assistant Actions have grown 2.5 times over the past year, compared to 2.2 times growth for Amazon Alexa skills.

The report additionally enclosed the classes of voice apps well-liked on Google Assistant platforms, with 3 of the eighteen classes — Education & Reference; Games & Fun; and youngsters & Family — comprising over simple fraction of all Google Actions. The Education class came out on high with quite fifteen % of all Actions, while Games & Fun came in around 11 percent and Kids & Family was at 9 percent. Local and Weather were the least popular categories.

As for Alexa, Games is that the high class, accounting for twenty one % of all skills. Education came in second at around 14 percent. Read more

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