GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio Code

GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio Code

Like many other open source projects, the Visual Studio Code community collaborates through pull requests to land fixes and new features. Starting this past spring, our team has been working to bring you a new integrated pull request experience so that you can collaborate, comment, review, and validate GitHub pull requests directly from within Visual Studio Code.

Today, we are announcing the public preview of GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code, closing a gap in the workflow that we and millions of engineers experience every day: The ability to review source code where it was written – inside the editor.

Review and manage Pull Requests

The new GitHub Pull Requests extension is designed to help you review and manage pull requests (PR) from within Visual Studio Code, including:

  • Ability to authenticate and connect Visual Studio Code to GitHub.
  • List and browse PRs from within Visual Studio Code.
  • Interact with PRs in-editor, including in-editor commenting with Markdown support.
  • Validate PRs from the editor with a new local checkout and run workflow for rich language features such as Go To Definition and IntelliSense.
  • Terminal integration so that the Visual Studio Code UI and command line tools like git can co-exist.

Collaboration with GitHub

As part of our broader efforts to bring pull requests into Visual Studio Code in the past year, we reached out to numerous partners. After learning that the GitHub Editor team was already thinking along these lines, we began to work together in April to create a new pull request experience in Visual Studio Code. We developed a new extension to create and review pull requests integrated directly into Visual Studio Code through a set of new Visual Studio Code extension APIs.

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