Exclusive: Screenshots reveal iOS 13 Dark Mode, new Reminders app, more

Exclusive: Screenshots reveal iOS 13 Dark Mode, new Reminders app, more

We’re less than a week away from WWDC, when Apple is expected to unveil the new versions of all its operating systems, including iOS 13. We’ve talked about what to expect in detail, with information from sources familiar with the development of Apple’s operating systems. Today, we have screenshots from iOS 13, shared exclusively with 9to5Mac, that show some of its new features.


Dark Mode can be enabled in the Settings app or with an option in Control Center, for quick access to the feature. On the Home screen, the only noticeable change is the Dock, which adopts a vibrant dark background instead of the light one. It’s possible that Apple will be including new wallpapers that work better in Dark Mode with the new OS.

When looking at an app such as Music in Dark Mode, it’s possible to see that Apple is using a true black background, which looks great on an OLED device. The change may also affect battery life since the OLED display doesn’t have to use power to light up the black pixels.

Another UI change on iOS 13 is in the interface that appears after taking a screenshot. Instead of showing a gray background with small markup tools at the bottom, it shows a blurred version of the user’s wallpaper with more life-like annotation tools to choose from. The same interface has also been redesigned on iPad, which uses a rounded tray at the bottom of the screen to hold the tools. On iPad, this tray can be dragged around the screen. Read more

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