Rocket-shooting drone, controlled by weaponized wet blanket, shuts down street party

Rocket-shooting drone, controlled by weaponized wet blanket, shuts down street party

While drones used to do extremely cool things, like allowing you to have a sausage delivered straight to your hot tub, they’re also capable of serving the whims of total dweebs who would instead end a party than enhance it with robot-provided snacks.


A stunning, frightening example of this is shown via a recent video. In it, a drone hovers above a street filled with revelers enjoying a summer evening and, controlled by someone off-screen, begins firing Roman candles at the frantic crowd. 


The clip was uploaded to YouTube by someone—hopefully not the party-ruining jerk in question—named Roberto Estella and is titled with a single Portuguese sentence, which Google Translate renders as: “When you have funk dancing on the street get on your drone with a rocket and finish the party.” 


True to form, this drone finishes the hell out of this party not by taking the peaceful approach of, say, blasting shitty music from portable speakers or annoying the crowd by buzzing around their heads, but by threatening them with firework burns. Scored to the intro part of Minutemen’s “Corona” (a.k.a. the Jackass theme song), the scene is funny in the same way watching Steve-O or Johnny Knoxville shatter multiple bones in seconds is funny—basically it’s a good joke until you think of how close someone came to dying on-screen. 


Luckily, this nerdy, spoil-sport drone doesn’t seriously hurt its targets (at least within the space of the video). What it does accomplish, though, is scarier in its long-term implications: By combining advanced technology with its controller’s violent refusal to let people have fun, the rocket drone creates a terrifying update to an age-old archetype. Thanks to this video, the world now knows that the sort of guy who screams to get off his lawn with a shotgun can be equipped with 21st-century weaponry and the ability to appear to ruin your fun, at any time and in any place at all.

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