Democrats Hope Legal Weed Will Smoke GOP At The Ballot Box

Democrats Hope Legal Weed Will Smoke GOP At The Ballot Box

Democrats are raising huge sums of cash ahead of November’s midterm elections, but they’re hoping another kind of green wave will help them at the ballot box.

In races at the local, state, and federal level, Democratic candidates are embracing the legalization of some form of marijuana ― if not for recreational use, then purely for medicinal purposes ― at a rate not seen in previous elections.

Not surprisingly, progressives like Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and Texas Senate candidate Rep. Beto O’Rourke have made legalizing cannabis a major plank of their campaign platform. But more centrist-minded Democrats in Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have made similar appeals to voters.

“This wasn’t brought up by Democrats in past years; it’s become a bigger issue,” said Mason Tvert, a spokesperson for the advocacy group Marijuana Policy Project.

The growing influence of cannabis on the campaign trail this cycle is a reflection of change over the decades in public attitudes about its use. According to a Gallup poll released this week, 66% of Americans now support legalizing marijuana ― a new record. See more...

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