Construction Tech Firm Katerra Goes Shopping with SoftBank’s Money

Construction Tech Firm Katerra Goes Shopping with SoftBank’s Money

I know, I know. “Another SoftBank article?” While SoftBank and its portfolio of companies are far from the only major players in the PropTech space, it is important to understand its direction as the Japan-based investor is well-funded enough to move the needle with the stroke of a pen.

Yesterday Katerra, SoftBank’s investment into the construction space, announced that they are buying Bristlecone Construction. The terms of the deal were unfortunately not announced but the acquisition of the Colorado contracting firm makes sense from a strategic angle. Katerra has been aggressive in pursuing a “hybrid modular” construction model that assembles most of the components in factories and then ships them to the job site. This is a lot easier to do with smaller construction projects but it seems that Katerra is now branching out into commercial buildings as well.

Bristlecone has a different specialty. It works mostly on large commercial and multifamily builds that require a lot of structural reinforcement and framing, something that is impossible to do in the sterile confines of a factory. If Katerra wishes to go after larger buildings it will need expertise in this area, before it can apply its pre-made modules. See more...

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