AG candidate vows to sue to get U.S. to amend marijuana policy

AG candidate vows to sue to get U.S. to amend marijuana policy

Arkansans who have been prescribed medical marijuana won't be allowed to purchase guns from federally licensed dealers, and the Democratic candidate for attorney general wants that to change.

Mike Lee will announce today that if he is elected, he plans to sue the federal government over its marijuana policy.

Arkansans voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2016 through a constitutional amendment. The rollout of the program has been hampered by repeated problems with licensing growers and sellers. Patients are currently unable to purchase the drug legally.

Marijuana in any form remains a Schedule I drug under federal law, meaning it is not recognized to have any accepted medical use and that users of the drug are barred from purchasing guns from federally licensed firearms dealers.

In a phone interview Wednesday, Lee said his lawsuit would attempt to force the federal government to reschedule marijuana so that it would be treated like other prescription drugs.

"This would allow people who definitely need treatment to alleviate pain. ... It would also allow them to own a firearm," Lee said. See more...

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