Cannabis Growers Embrace IOT for Energy Efficiency

Cannabis Growers Embrace IOT for Energy Efficiency

More U.S. cannabis cultivators are deploying internet-of-things (IOT) technologies in greenhouses to optimize the use of power, water and nutrients.

“We're doing some cool work with indoor cannabis growers and consultants,” said Tim Guiterman, chief marketing officer at Massachusetts-based InfiSense, which provides IOT hardware, software and analytics. 

As competition ramps up between growers in states where cannabis has been legalized, he said, “there’s real pressure to optimize or die. It’s all about maximizing the yield per strain, based on whatever inputs are coming in.

Tech-savvy growers are now building greenhouses with sensors to track variables such as heat and humidity, he said. These are used to assess growing conditions throughout the facility and to minimize wastage of raw materials such as energy and water. 

The level of environmental control is on a par with the most advanced building management systems found in the commercial and industrial power sector, Guiterman said.

Furthermore, growers are eschewing traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning automation systems in favor of IOT-based setups because the latter are cheaper and easier to install, he said. Read more

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