New Fondu app lets users create Ethereum smart contracts more easily

New Fondu app lets users create Ethereum smart contracts more easily

A recently launched app will make the process of creating a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain easier than ever before. Fonduis designed to let even non-coders launch their own ICOs.

This new piece of software lets users build a new Ethereum smart contract entirely from scratch, and launch the ICO crowdsale for their project. It is still at proof-of-concept stage, but the relatively simple code should allow more people to get involved with ICOs. 

All that users need to do is answer a series of simple questions related to their project, and the Fondu app will automatically generate the code and make the necessary files available for download.

Developer Nikita Kolmogorov told TheNextWeb that his aim is "to democratize the ICO and crowdfunding concepts. So that anybody can launch crowdfunding or token sale campaign in no time and for free. Like a house-wife or a house-husband launching a book club economy with ERC20 tokens. Could you imagine this before?"

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Given the frequent scams and high-profile failures of the last year or so, it's debatable whether the introduction of more ICO projects from people outside the tech field is necessarily a good thing. However, the open-source nature of the software is definitely fitting with the decentralized spirit of crypto.

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