Cointopia raises $3 million for marketplace for blockchain companies and services

Cointopia raises $3 million for marketplace for blockchain companies and services

Cointopia announced it has raised $3 million and is opening its marketplace connecting blockchain companies with top-tier service providers. That means that if you’re starting a blockchain startup or are a big company looking for blockchain services, the Cointopia Marketplace is there for you.

The San Francisco company said it will list a number of reputable blockchain services, including advisory, white paper authoring, PR/marketing, blockchain technology development, and community management. Of course, this means that we all had better get used to the idea that there are going to be a lot more blockchain startups, based on the conventional wisdom that blockchain and cryptocurrency are going to upend traditional financial services, marketplaces, and many other industries.

“The blockchain crypto space is chaotic and globally unregulated,” said Charles Michael Yim, CEO of Cointopia, in an interview with VentureBeat. “You have onslaught of [initial coin offerings] ICOs, and we are now moving to security tokens. There isn’t a gold standard for this magic to occur. We stepped in to put people together. With us, you put out a bid; someone takes it; you do a review and it goes on the blockchain. We want to be the end-to-end market that is a gold standard.”

In creating its marketplace, Cointopia will take advantage of blockchain, which offers a decentralized ledger that is both secure and transparent. Ratings for service providers within the Cointopia Marketplace community will also be stored on the blockchain, ensuring that reviews are immutable and accurate, which will support a more transparent ecosystem. In turn, the blockchain companies will be able to navigate the marketplace with confidence knowing that the service providers have been rated by real customers within the platform, Yim said.

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