VR & Sex: How This 27-Year-Old Created One of the Hottest Virtual Reality Franchises

VR & Sex: How This 27-Year-Old Created One of the Hottest Virtual Reality Franchises

At a time when multiple research reports indicate that people are having less sex globally, 27-year-old Anna Petukhova decided to combine technology, sex toys and good old-fashioned sex appeal to open a sex club in her hometown of Moscow, Russia. Regarded as one of Russia’s leading fashion and fitness models, Petukhova is also a graduate of Russia’s equivalent of Harvard, earning a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in Russian literature and linguistics (English) from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Upon graduating, Petukhova worked as an English language translator for several consulting firms and businesses, while also modeling and conducting walking tours for tourists throughout Russia. A born entrepreneur, Petukhova researched Russia’s business industry looking for an opportunity to open her own company. An email advertising how to take excursions in virtual reality (VR) led her to try on a virtual reality headset for the first time. According to Petukhova, “The moment I put on the headset, I found myself in Moscow in the 1920s. For me, it was an incredible feeling. It made such a strong impression on me, and I began to research the topic of virtual reality.”

Over a period of several weeks, Petukhova immersed herself in the topic of VR. A conversation with a fellow VR enthusiast led to the discovery that watching pornography on a VR headset was a popular pastime. After renting a VR headset loaded with sexual content, Petukhova had her first VR sexual experience.


“I will never forget this feeling. I put on the headset and then I look at my hands, and they were the hands of a man!! Not my thin hands with a French manicure but big, hairy man hands,” Petukhova told Observer. “I was shocked. Then, a sexy female hairdresser comes to me and starts trying to seduce me. The experience was so real that I ceased to understand where I was.”

Petukhova knew that she had found her business idea—open VR sex clubs but with a focus on attracting women as well as men. Read more

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