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Whether you are building HTML5 or native apps, the AT&T API Platform provides a suite of APIs and unique services to help you generate revenue.

AT&T U-verse® Enabled

U-verse allows a personal device to associate itself with a U-verse set-top box, enabling apps to take full advantage of customers’ TV screens and our U-verse IPTV service.

Device Capabilities

The Device Capabilities API returns important information—such as make, model, and firmware release—allowing you to customize your apps based on the device.


The Location API not only returns longitude and latitude coordinates, but also supports A-GPS, thereby speeding up the time it takes to pinpoint a device’s location.

mHealth Platform (Alpha)

AT&T mHealth Solutions for healthcare combine mobility technologies, devices, connectivity, and apps to help drive down medical costs and deliver improved patient outcomes.

MMS messages extend the capabilities of SMS by adding support for advanced content messaging, including video, images, and audio, in addition to text.
Notary Management

Use the Notary Management API to digitally sign content or data so that recipients can trust that it is unaltered—and actually from you.
OAuth 2.0

Use the AT&T OAuth API to verify the identity of your customers without needing to access their confidential, private information.

Monetize your apps with the Payment API. Now you can give your customers the convenience and security of having costs charged directly to their AT&T bill.

The SMS API allows developers to send, receive, and get the delivery status of messages sent to one or more AT&T mobile devices.
WAP Push

WAP Push allows you to easily direct users of WAP-enabled phones to simple WAP pages geared to smaller screens and limited input options.

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