Apple makes it easier to download your personal data

Apple makes it easier to download your personal data

A few months ago, if you wanted to find out what kind of personal information Apple had collected on you, you needed to navigate to Apple's privacy website, locate a hard-to-find tab to request the info and await its arrival. 

That changes today, with the introduction of a new privacy portal that will offer one-click access to get the information, delete it, pause an account or kill it altogether. 

You'll still have to wait a few days to retrieve the information, from the updated section of the Apple website, as Apple confirms the request, but it should be way easier to find the tools now. 

Apple updates its privacy website every fall, after the introduction of new phones and software upgrades to the mobile and computer operating systems, iOS12, and MacOS, which this year is called Mojave. 

Privacy has become a big buzzword for tech consumers, in the wake of massive vulnerabilities of Facebook and Google that exposed how the companies were targeting us with ads that tracked our every move. See more...

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