Amazon Prime Day 2019: Don't make these 4 mistakes

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Don't make these 4 mistakes

  • Amazon plans to offer sales on an astounding 1 million products on Monday and Tuesday.
  • But experts say to do your research before buying, because not every product will offer the best bang for your money. 
  • In some cases, consumers may be better off waiting for Black Friday sales in November.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 will kick off 48 hours of sales on Monday, but not everything on the site will be a bargain. As in any shopping situation, the age-old advice of "caveat emptor" -- buyer beware -- holds during the 48-hour event.

Amazon is counting on its latest Prime Day event to not only to jazz up its sales during the slower summer months but to convince more consumers to sign up for its $119 annual Prime membership since deals are only available to Prime members.

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For consumers who already have a Prime membership, checking out the sales on Monday and Tuesday will be tempting -- especially as Amazon will dangle some "Lightning Deals" throughout the Prime Day event. These sales offer a limited number of products, and as soon as they're sold out, the deal vanishes. That can create the illusion of scarcity and prompt some consumers to click "buy" before analyzing whether they even need the product.

That's why experts recommend you jot a list of items you need before Prime Day kicks off on Monday, or create a wish list on Amazon to keep track of what you want. That could help you avoid impulse shopping during the event.

Below are 5 more pitfalls to avoid on Prime Day.

Don't assume it's the best price

Just because a product is on sale doesn't mean that's the best price you'll see all year. For instance, gaming console prices tend to be lower during Black Friday sales, said Kristin McGrath, shopping expert, and editor at

"Prime Day may have some gaming discounts, but they likely won't be as impressive," McGrath said. "I'd advise people to make a quick price comparison and see if other retailers are offering a better price or a sitewide promo code that brings the price lower than Amazon's."

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