As Amazon Echo price slashed there’s bad news for Amazon customers

As Amazon Echo price slashed there’s bad news for Amazon customers

AMAZON’S award-winning Echo smart speaker continues to be offered at a much lower price but customers now face a longer wait to own one.

With a low price and an abundance of smart features, it’s no wonder the Amazon Echo remains hugely popular.

This intelligent internet-connected speaker comes packed with a swathe of features which allows it to control your home, read you the news and fill your home with music via simple voice commands.

Amazon recently refreshed its full lineup of smart speakers with one of the biggest upgrades coming the budget Echo Dot.

This popular entry-level device got a refreshed and more curvaceous look plus much-improved sound with this speaker now around 70 percent louder than its predecessor.

In our recent Echo Dot review, said: "The Echo Dot has always been a brilliant way to experience a smart speaker on a budget.

"And now it's even more appealing with a refreshed design and much louder sound."

This update has clearly been hugely popular with the Dot having been out of stock through much of December.

Amazon originally revealed on its website that the Dot would be available again towards the end of January but that date appears to have slipped once again.

Customers who want to take delivery of the Dot will now have to wait until February 4 before getting their hands on one.

There’s currently no word on what’s causing the delay but it could be due to a reduced price for this speaker.

Amazon is currently offering the Echo Dot for just £29.99 - a saving of £20 off the standard price. Read more 

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