Amazon Has Pulled Its Ads From Bloomberg Over China Hack Story

Amazon Has Pulled Its Ads From Bloomberg Over China Hack Story

Amazon pulled its fourth-quarter advertisements from Bloomberg’s website, a move some within the media giant think is retribution for Bloomberg’s controversial storyalleging that Chinese spies hacked into the online retailer’s servers.

According to a source in a position to know, Amazon’s digital media buyer, Initiative, informed Bloomberg’s sales staff on Oct. 16 that it would cancel its ad buys for the fourth quarter due to budget cuts. Internally, the source said, the staff received that decision, made only eight days after a previous communication with Initiative confirming that the ads would run, as a direct response to Amazon’s displeasure over the Oct. 4 story. (Amazon announced Thursday that its marketing expenses for Q3 2018 were $3.3 billion, up more than $800 million from the year before.)

Grant Milne, an Amazon spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News on Wednesday evening that the ads had been canceled due to a missed “creative deadline,” contradicting Amazon’s media buyer. Yet according to the same source, Wednesday night — after BuzzFeed News inquired about the pulled ads — Amazon placed a new, significantly smaller order for Q4 ads on Bloomberg TV.

Neither Initiative nor Amazon told Bloomberg that they pulled the ads because of the report. See more...

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