Firebase and App Engine in App

TBL Tech Nerds’s development teams have implemented Firebase and App Engine on many of the web and mobile applications of our clients. Our experienced developers employ real-time processing to work more effectively, lessen project expenses, and create necessary code changes based on the real-time data.


Firebase for App Development

Firebase is a mobile-first offering, meaning it was designed for mobile apps like iOS, Android, and Web that’s sensible. It also favors projects with an emphasis on mobile use. Firebase places a premium on mobile analytics.

The feature set has a NoSQL database service at the center. However, there are also other back-end services accessible. It includes file storage, authentication, messaging, synchronizing when going back from offline status (especially for mobile apps), as well as crash reporting.

TBL Tech Nerds started utilizing Firebase as our backend of option for native apps and web before Google even obtained it. After joining Google, Firebase offers advantages of a backend as service along with the scalability of the infrastructure of Google. Our company is an established leader in the development of Firebase. We can help you circumnavigate Firebase whether you plan to use Cloud Firestore, Real-time Database, or both in projects of your own.

For us to speed development, we utilize Firebase for features such as static hosting, user authentication, real-time updates, and more. Whether we need to execute a messaging component in an app or make a new on-demand platform, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the system.


App Engine Development

Google’s App Engine is a compelling mobile-app backend infrastructure. It has many amazing features for extending and scaling. The tool comes with scaling, built-in balancing, security, user management, and performance monitoring features. All of them save a lot of time in any app development and management.

Being an end-to-end expert in the industry, TBL Tech Nerds have assisted different startups and enterprises alike in creating, launching, and keeping remarkable high-performance mobile apps that are powered by the Google Cloud.

  • Performance Consultancy. We assisted app owners to enhance the performance of their mobile apps by employing cloud resources effectively.
  • Migrate to Google App Engine. TBL Tech Nerds help corporations migrate and upgrade their apps backend into App Engine.
  • Cloud-Powered App Development. Our experienced professionals create remarkable high-performance enterprise-grade App Engine that powered our mobile apps.

The platform of Google cloud made explicitly to enable the quick making of applications for a smartphone. Although the platform has transformed into something much more significant, the fundamentals are the same. The platform is the most ideal for mobile apps.

Starting from developing prototypes to launching our full-fledged mobile app, we here at TBL Tech Nerds have utilized a cloud platform for each of our projects. We are renowned for our striking features, which are noticeable in every app we build.

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