Custom Website Development

The market is flooded with a boatload of templates, themes for custom website development. Templates are made by professionals so they are good looking and also functional. But those templates do not always serve the purpose of your website. Sometimes it is required to add some specific functionalities to your website.

When you need any specific requirements, you have to consider the custom website development.

Website customization is not quite a new thing; many people do it. But when you try the services of TBL Tech Nerds, we will assure you an entirely different experience. There are two reasons for this claim.

First is our website design team. We will give you an appealing and attractive design that would reflect your business online and enhance your brand.

Design Aspects

Our designs mingle:

  • Appealing and professional style
  • Consistent overall layout based on the theme
  • Consistent corporate identity
  • Color compatibility
  • Use of rational space



The second reason is technology. Technologies we use are at par and superior to anyone in this field. We use:

  • PHP which further includes Core PHP development, PHP /Smarty, CakePHP, Zend Framework based custom website development.
  • OpenSource CMS based website customization which includes, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla for custom website development and Magento, osCommerce, Xcart, ZenCart and Joomla for e-commerce development.
  • Microsoft technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, C#, for CRM, ERP, Mobile, Custom Business logic, based hybrid and custom website application development.


Usability- for your websites customization at TBL Tech Nerds

Expert website designers at TBL Tech Nerds always try to keep interfaces of your website simple irrespective of the functional complexity of the website. We aim at keeping interfaces simple yet easy-to-use. We pay attention to various aspects to ensure a positive user experience:

  • We offer a user-friendly interface
  • Ours is intuitive navigational schemes
  • Our design is such a way you will get fast loading of the site
  • Your website would have AJAX-powered interactivity
  • We manage task-oriented workflow
  • Always try to keep accessibility standards

The functionality of your website's customization at TBL Tech Nerds.



Functionality is what grants your website the status of a shop in a big internet market. Triple Bottom Line, LLC provides unique website customization to match your business requirements. Further our modules base developments pave a way to the expansion of the existing one or may add new functionalities to your site even with the ease and economical ways when your business requirements change. Thus we offer the best return over your investment on the current developments as well as for the extension likely occurs in the near or far future.



We take care of your back end functions by customizing it to work as per your business needs. We integrate back end tools to exert effective and desired controls over the administrations of your websites.

This may include non-technical content creation and publishing, dynamic structure generation, document management including images, PDFs, video and audio files, etc, plus user management, access rights and permissions, business operations management including clients, catalogs, payments, orders, etc; plus site statistics module and more like dynamic page generation, database design and development including database performance optimization and tuning, plus distributed database development for websites dealing with large amounts of data, data encryption, advanced search mechanism integration, built-in security, real-time payment processing, audio/video streaming, etc.



  • We customize for small business to big enterprises.
  • We offer our services for e-commerce website customization.
  • We extend our helping hand in the development and customization of various portals.
  • We keep our presence in website customization for handheld devices use as iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, blackberry, etc.




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