10 Ways VR Will Change Life In The Near Future

10 Ways VR Will Change Life In The Near Future

It seems obvious that virtual reality can have multiple applications. Obviously, most know that VR is popular in the gaming community. But there are applications of this technology that could be used to train and even save lives in the future. 

We asked members of the Forbes Technology Council how we can expect virtual reality to be used in the immediate term. The answers all pointed to solutions that could help us as early as this year and in even greater ways in the near future. 

1. Virtual Shops 

For many people, one of the drawbacks of shopping online is missing the joy of walking up and down the aisles. Virtual reality can fill that gap. Just put your VR glasses on and you will instantly be transported to a virtual shop, which actually is customized for you. There can be a whole aisle of your personal favorite products. You can do all your shopping at a single virtual mall. - Vikram Joshi, pulsd 

2. Real Estate 

Real estate is a multitrillion-dollar market. There is a huge opportunity to use virtual reality in home builder design centers, real estate marketplace, applications that suggest home upgrade opportunities, interior designing, neighborhood virtual tours, rental websites, and DIY applications. Usage of VR in real estate can significantly reduce operational cost and improve quality in leads. - Pavan Gorakavi, NetSPI 

3. Health Care Industry 

The health industry is constantly implementing new technology among its solutions, and VR is no exception. Private clinics will take the lead in bringing such innovation to patients' lives by leveraging the real benefits behind VR.  - Nick Chandi, PayPie 

4. Dangerous Jobs 

Training programs for new technicians who have hazardous or dangerous jobs can benefit from introducing a person to intense situations from the safety of a conference room, long before they would ever encounter the scenario in real life. An immersive and realistic new training method can also help weed out those who find they are not suited for the work after all. - Dustin Henderlong, Threadless 

5. Training To Create VR Content 

VR will not become commonplace if there isn't enough useful VR content out there. Take Airbnb, for example. It's reasonable to predict every Airbnb listing will have some VR component. However, it's very difficult for average users to create informative VR content. One way to mitigate this shortage is to use VR itself and help guide people on how to produce usable VR content for their properties. - Salim MadjdAsthmaMD 

6. Education 

Virtual reality integration into education has a lot of potential to bring any curriculum to life. VR is a limitless tool that allows for immersion into a new environment, and if utilized correctly, it can expose students to things that would not be possible otherwise. From elementary schools to universities to technical schools, VR has emerged as an attractive avenue to deliver content that gives way to an immersive learning experience. - Alexandro Pando, Xyrupt 

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