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Let's say you integrate ads with an eCPM of $5.00

Average daily active users = 5,000,000 Average time spent on app = 30 minutes/user Cumulative time spent in the application for each users : 5,000,000 * 30 =150,000,000 minutes

iOS app UDID Distribution versus Enterprise

If you build apps more than likely you’ll need to send out test builds of your app to a group of users so they can review it and give you feedback before releasing it to the public. Depending on the scale and complexity of the app you’ll need to do this many times before your final release. Below are a couple of options when sharing with your team.

66% of startup founders have < 12 months cash left.

We looked at funding and deal flow to medical device startups operating in the US and internationally, and created a map showcasing the top 3 most well-funded medical device startups in countries with at least 10 private medical device companies.

Apple pulls iOS apps mining your iPhone for private data

App analytics firm SourceDNA just discovered evidence that hundreds of apps in the iOS App Store are collecting a whole bunch of identifying data about you in violation of Apple’s privacy policy. The apps are all using the Chinese advertising SDK Youmi, which was pulling data from private APIs unbeknownst to Apple.

Stanford just abandoned Java in favor of JavaScript for its intro CS course.

The Stanford professor who wrote a popular book on Java — and has taught Java for 15 years — is now abandoning Java in favor of JavaScript for his introductory computer science courses.

Java vs. JavaScript: What’s the Difference?

Everyone assumes that because JavaScript has “Java” in its name they are somehow related. While most programmers groan at this coupling and many even feel that the name confusion is part of a marketing gimmick, the history of the two programming languages did intersect for a brief moment in time during the early days of Netscape. The evolution of the two languages took such wildly different paths from that point forward that the common joke is that Java is to JavaScript as ham is to a hamster. But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in a more useful explanation, so let me compare the two.

Expressive masks and advanced animated effects

Develop creative effects that instantly respond to comments and reactions during Live broadcasts.

Techniques in App Store Optimization

The app market is one of the biggest marketplaces with the toughest competition now a day. Approximately, there are over 2.2 million iOS apps in the Apple Store and over 2.7 million android apps in Google Play. This massive growth of this market took place due to the expansion of technology.

How to Make a Good First Time Impression for Your Apps

App store optimization refers to the process of making your app more visible to people. But what will make the new users download your app? Is it just bringing the app in front of the users? Definitely this is an important thing but not the only one which will make them download it. Also this is not the first thing the users notice.

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